Live Events in Outdoor Marquees

Concerts in the park will always be one of the best things about the summer season. There are a number of problems that performers need to deal with, especially given the unpredictability of English weather promoters are never sure if it is going to rain or if it is going to be too hot for the performers to perform. The ideal solution would be to somehow control the weather, but that is obviously not feasible. Suffice to say that promoters have learned to hire a marquee before any performance in order to ensure that the performance will go on.

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A marquee is a huge tent that protects its occupants from the weather. A marquee has a number of parts king poles to bear the majority of the weight, side poles to give it shape, rope to keep it together, and the tent itself. Although the marquee used to be made from canvas, manufacturers have long used more modern materials to create them as well as their poles. PVC is currently the most popular material for the tent itself as it is lightweight and tough. Nylon ropes and aluminium finish out the basic tent. Modern tents last longer than their predecessors due to the change in materials.

When a promoter seeks to hire a marquee there are a number of considerations that need to be taken into consideration. The first step is to inspect the marquee before it is set up at the venue, and then again once it has been set up. The first inspection is to insure that the tent is up to par while the second is to make sure that the tent has not been damaged. The renter will also inspect the tent for damage and clean it when it has been returned. The tent should be treated as a delicate flower at the venue in order to ensure that the any deposit on it is received back in full.

There are some basic tips in order to keep the marquee in pristine condition. Chemicals and fire should not be allowed inside in the tent for starters. Food and liquids are fine, as the marquee can resist most staining, but spills should be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Electric cables should be inspected for any fraying a spark can set the marquee on fire and become a potentially life-endangering threat. Any attempt to tear or otherwise damage the tent should be avoided, and nothing should be leaned against its walls. This should help get the deposit back.

When you go to hire a marquee bear in mind that it can make or break the summer concert. Depending on your needs there are a variety of different tents available, from the expect full tent which is great for private performances to monstrous half-tents designed to keep the rain and sun away from performers and still allow them to be seen by concert-goers. Whichever you pick make sure that you care for it or else you may as well have bought it, making it a permanent albatross rather than a temporary solution.